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Zola VanZola Van, pianist and composer, brings a unique blend to her listeners: the beauty of her original piano solos and that of scenic Southern Illinois, where she resides. Her music has made music lovers out of outdoorsmen and has inspired people to get out and see the actual spots that have inspired her musical creations. Her music is also gaining national attention for its beauty and worthiness alone. Zola has been called an “Ambassador for her area” bringing attention and recognition to the beauty of Southern Illinois through her music.

Zola has many intensely loyal fans that have expressed devotion and admiration of her music and creativity. It has been said repeatedly of her music, “All they have to do is listen once, and they are hooked!”

Her first CD, River to River Trail: The Hike, has elicited an enthusiastic response from the public, tourism officials, trail societies, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and the National Forest Service. The March/April 2001 issue of American Hiker contains a full-page article about Zola, the CD, and how it originated. Outdoor Illinois, a publication of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, State of Illinois, will feature her in the August, 2001, issue. No other musician has ever enjoyed these two distinctions. She also began her own Really Big Shoes Publishing Co. to release her own albums.

WDBX Radio in Carbondale, IL aired a two hour program titled “In Search of Trail Magic” on Jerry Nelms’ Music from Beyond the Lakes based upon Zola’s CD. Radio stations across the country are using Zola’s music in their programming and receiving favorable comments from their listeners.

The Southern Illinoisan sponsored and promoted her CD release concert at the Herrin Civic Center. Ken Seeber of the Southern Illinoisan hailed her “A Walking Inspiration. Celebrate the Shawnee with Pianist Zola Van.” Five Southern Illinois newspapers have printed articles about Zola and her music.

Zola has a music degree from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and throughout high school she studied piano privately with the Music Department Chairman. She has taught music privately and in public schools. Having played since childhood, she has always heard and written music. A strong family background in the arts and love of nature has nurtured her appreciation of both.

Zola’s music touches people, makes them feel something of what she felt when inspired by the beauty and the history of Southern Illinois. An admirer says, “What I cannot do with the many inflections of voice, Zola can do with a piano key.” Listen yourselves! It is Zola’s wish that through her music, you may stand in the forest with her, no matter where you may be.